Pastor Richard Gervais located in Omaha, NE

Pastor Richard Gervais at Joshua Medical Center in Omaha, NE

It’s important that you know about the people who look after you here at Joshua Medical Center. Meet our devoted and caring staff member, Richard Gervais, a compassionate pastor at our clinic.

Pastor Richard Gervais
Pastor Richard Gervais

Pastor at Joshua Medical Center (JMC). Before coming to JMC, he was a senior pastor at a church in Omaha and prior to pastoring, he was a chaplain at a homeless shelter in Lincoln, NE. Richard is also an itinerant minister, who speaks and ministers at different conferences & workshops. When he lived in Canada, he worked & traveled with an international ministry that held large crusades and meetings around the world.

He is married to his wonderful wife Rachelle, and has 6 children.

“I so value and enjoy the opportunity to pray for our patients and see God work in their lives.”