Primary Care Doctor in Omaha, NE

Our experienced doctors at Joshua Medical Center provide primary care in the form of wellness & health education, immigration physicals, on-site CLIA- & COLA-accredited lab testing, weight-loss management, and more. Please give us a call today or book an appointment online. We are located over at 2429 M Street Omaha, NE 68107.

Primary Care Doctor in Omaha, NE

A primary care doctor can take care of you in so many ways. He or she will be there for you when you’re suffering from a minor health condition or even a chronic health condition. Or if you just need some simple advice, the doctor can help with that too. Most importantly, a primary care doctor will be your main provider of healthcare throughout your entire life.

If you need a new primary care doctor in Omaha NE, then come see us here at Joshua Medical Center. We’ll introduce you to a dedicated doctor you can depend on for your lifetime.

What does a primary care doctor do?

This kind of professional provides first-contact healthcare and continual care for patients. This means providing general healthcare and preventive healthcare to keep you well, and referring you to a specialist when necessary.

General healthcare is the diagnosis and treatment of common health conditions, as well as the management of chronic conditions. With this kind of care, a doctor can help you with the flu, a minor sprain, or even diabetes, and any other common conditions. The doctor can also provide general health advice or even family health advice.

You’ll also be able to get preventive care from a primary care doctor. This kind of care focuses on preventing health complications or conditions from occurring in the first place. To do this, the doctor will provide regular physical exams, and offer advice about healthy habits like healthy eating.

Do I actually need a primary care doctor?

You should definitely consider having a primary care doctor. He or she will provide you and even your family with the kinds of healthcare that are most fundamental to your wellbeing. Also, you’ll be able to trust your doctor so you can turn to him or her for any health-related matter, even very personal matters like mental health.

A primary care doctor can help prevent health issues from becoming more serious and costly, which will lower your long-term costs of healthcare. And if a health issue ever becomes more serious, the doctor can refer you to a specialist who can help you in other ways. Patients who need to see multiple specialists benefit from having a primary care doctor because the doctor can create and be at the center of a network between the specialists.

What services can a primary care doctor provide?

Here at Joshua Medical Center, our primary care doctor can take care of you in many ways and provide the kind of support you’d expect from a quality physician. Here are some of the services our doctor provides:

  • Wellness and health education
  • Physical exams like annual physicals and immigration physicals
  • On-site CLIA- & COLA-accredited lab testing
  • Weight-loss management
  • Urgent care for minor illnesses and injuries
  • Vaccinations
  • EKGs and computerized X-rays
  • Continual care for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes
  • And much, much more

Do you have a primary care doctor in Omaha, NE?

Yes, we do! Here at our clinic, Dr. Rodney Czaplewski MD is our primary care doctor. He would be happy to see you for a simple consultation or meet-and-greet. You’re welcome to contact our clinic at (402) 614-5405 to book an appointment, and when you’re ready for your appointment, you’ll find our clinic over at 2429 M St, Omaha, NE 68107.

Get in touch with us today here at Joshua Medical Center. Dr. Czaplewski looks forward to meeting you soon!

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