Flu Shots Questions and Answers

Stay ahead of the flu, get your shot today! Joshua Emergicare provides flu shots in the comfort of a safe, sterile environment. For more information, call us now or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Omaha NE, La Vista NE, Papillion NE, Boys Town NE, and Bellevue NE.

Flu Shots Questions and Answers

Flu shots are an important part of preventative care that prevents countless infections of influenza. Although it is still possible to contract the flu after receiving a flu shot, receiving a flu shot minimizes the chances of becoming infected. Each year, the most common strains that are thought to cause infection are included in the flu shot, with the included strains changing every year to account for mutations and maximum protection of the public.

When should you get a flu shot?

Getting a flu shot not only ensures your own safety, but it also protects those around you. Flu shots are typically given before flu season (fall and winter), for a number of reasons, namely:

  • People tend to spend more time indoors in the winter, increasing close contact cases of infected individuals
  • Cold, dry weather may make it easier for viruses to survive and spread, increasing the number of infectious cases
  • Days are shorter in the winter with less sunlight, affecting levels of vitamin D and melatonin. Both vitamin D and melatonin support the function of our immune system, and when levels are low, it may become compromised, weakening the body’s ability to fight off infection.

Your doctor may recommend getting a flu shot outside of flu season, depending on your health history and the risk of infection.

What’s the process for getting a flu shot at an urgent care?

Urgent care centers simplify a lot of healthcare processes, making it easier for patients to receive the care they need, when they need it. Most insurance plans cover flu shots, as they are a part of preventative care. It is much easier to prevent an illness than to treat it once it has arisen. Joshua Emergicare, and other urgent care clinics, do not require an appointment for a flu shot and accept walk-in appointments. This allows patients the flexibility of coming in when it is convenient for them, without the need of taking off work or rescheduling an entire day. The entire process is very quick, with minimal wait times reducing the overall time spent in the clinic. When the doctor is ready to administer the shot, they may go over possible complications (if any) and review your health history. After giving the shot, they will place a cotton ball or bandage to prevent any bleeding and they will send you on your way. The entire time spent in the doctor’s office may only be a few minutes.

How do flu vaccines work?

Flu vaccines are designed to create an immunity to specific influenza strains, which is the virus responsible for causing the flu. Flu shots are typically administered via a shot to the arm, and although other forms are also available, such as a nasal mist, they are not typically as effective.

Flu shots work by introducing inactive versions of the virus to your body. By exposing it to small, deactivated versions of the virus, the body is able to recognize them as a threat and build an immunity without first getting sick. As your body naturally recognizes the viral bodies as foreign pathogens, it will automatically start to attack the invading germs and protect your body. Even though there is no real threat, the immune system creates antibodies to fight off the flu strains present in the shot. These antibodies remain in the body and work to stave off future infections caused by similar viruses.

If you or someone you love is looking to take the next step in their preventative care and prevent the flu before it has the chance of infection, come to Joshua Emergicare today! Our kind and compassionate professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for every patient. Call us today to book an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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