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Immigration Physical Examination Questions and Answers

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Immigration Physical Examination Questions and Answers
Immigration Physical Examination Questions and Answers

Table of Contents:

What are Immigration Physicals?
How long does an immigration physical take?
What does an Immigration Physical consist of?

Immigration physicals play an important role in the health of the community. These physicals ensure that any new immigrants are in good health and are not affected by any contagious diseases. They also ensure that future residents are in good mental health, without any alcohol or drug abuse problems.

What are Immigration Physicals?

Immigration physicals are required for anyone seeking permanent residency in the United States. They ensure the safety of the general public by screening for communicable diseases and mental health issues that could pose a threat to the individual or anyone around them. During an immigration physical, the provider will go over a detailed history of your physical and mental health, including a history of illnesses. They will also check for signs of alcohol or drug abuse.

How long does an immigration physical take?

The length of an immigration physical will depend on the number of tests performed and the detail of health history that must be addressed. Typically, the exam can take anywhere between one to two hours, although it could be shorter or longer, depending on the complexity of the case.

The time it takes to receive results can be as fast as 7 days, although it can take longer, depending on the complexity of the exams and results.

What does an Immigration Physical consist of?

An immigration physical consists of several parts, including a vaccination screening, a physical exam, a mental health exam and a review of medical history.

Vaccination Screening – Each patient must prove that they have received inoculations for the following diseases:

• Mumps, measles, and rubella
• Diphtheria toxoids and tetanus
• Polio
• Pertussis
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Haemophilius Influenzae Type B
• Influenza
• Varicella
• Pneumococcal Pneumonia
• Meningococcal
• Rotavirus

Medical History Review – The review of medical history includes a detailed and comprehensive history of all hospitalizations, any disabilities or conditions that affect normal functioning, any history of being institutionalized, and any history of drug or alcohol use.

Physical Health Exam – During the physical evaluation, the doctor will examine the following:

• Ears
• Eyes
• Throat
• Nose
• Heart
• Lungs
• Extremities
• Abdomen
• Skin
• Lymph nodes

The doctor may also order an x-ray and/or a blood test, although children are typically exempt from these diagnostic tests. X-ray testing should be postponed for all pregnant women, as the x-ray radiation may be harmful to the baby.

Mental Health Exam – Lastly, the doctor will perform a mental examination. This is done to check for mental health conditions that may be associated with harmful or violent behavior. They will also check for mental or physical disorders that are associated with violent or aggressive behavior and are likely to relapse. It is vital that each person immigrating to the US must be in good mental health, as anyone who is determined to harm themselves or others has a negative effect on the overall wellbeing of the community

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